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Blog Post #7: Learning from a TED Talk

For this blog post, I have decided to watch Wendy Troxel’s TED talk on why high schools should start later. 1. Briefly summarize the content of this talk. Wendy Troxel begins by sharing the dreadful experiences for teenagers to wake up early from a sleep barely meeting the recommended hours. Troxels explains the science of… Continue reading Blog Post #7: Learning from a TED Talk

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Blog Post #4: Placement Wrap-Up

Over the course of the past three weeks, I worked with three classmates for the placement assignment. We worked with Ms. Law to complete various science-related activities. Here I will share my experiences as I reflect upon the entire placement. Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not? I enjoyed this experience because the… Continue reading Blog Post #4: Placement Wrap-Up