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Blog Post #6: Future of Technology

I decided to watch the film “Her” (2013). It takes the audience on the journey of a love story between a heartbroken man named Theodore, and his Operating System (OS1) named Samantha. Online critics have estimated “Her” to be set in the near future of 2025. In this blog post, I will explain my opinion… Continue reading Blog Post #6: Future of Technology

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Blog Post #5: ICT Issues

Just like any other teen, I was excited to create my social media accounts. That’s where all the celebrities posted, trends were announced, and friends connected. I enjoyed spending all my free time on social media such as Instagram and Facebook but soon, I realized they were great distractions. This IDC project allowed me to… Continue reading Blog Post #5: ICT Issues

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Blog Post #2: Learning Strategy or Procrastination Experiment

“Oh my god! I just failed the math quiz!!!” These are the words you’d hear me cry out when handed back an evaluation. My eyes would search across the paper filled with red markings to only see the final grade as it stares back at me with disapproval. With a bit of hope, I take… Continue reading Blog Post #2: Learning Strategy or Procrastination Experiment